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Noodoe - The Invisible Restaurant Concierge

Noodoe injects a touch of much needed magic into everyday routines of your restaurant. Noodoe is the invisible, but ever-present, concierge at each table. It makes waiting for service disappear, helps table turnover rise to new heights, puts smiles of delight on your customers’ faces, and as a result transforms first-time-visitors into a your most loyal regulars.

Social media integration, reporting, expandable, customisable, restaurant zones, range extenders for multi floor etc

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JDT - Drive Thru Cloud Reporting

A Cloud Based Enterprise Ranking solution for Drive Thru Timers

JDT - Stands for Jacobs Drive Thru ladder. (Heaven is at the top!)

Using the push data available from the HME Zoom timer we update a cloud database in near real time.

We set up an HME Zoom Drive Thru timer to push directly to our JDT Ladder cloud service

The HME Zoom timer will push a packet of information after each car exits the lane

The cloud presenter imports the file and updates the database

Other brand timer files can be uploaded in CSV or TAB formats, the folder is checked every 15 seconds for a new file

The display will update within approx 60 seconds, hence we call it “near” real time 

Many more features are also available including:

Customised reporting,Worldwide timezones, Regional manager support, Aggregate column displays, In store presenter screen, Mobile views, Daypart reporting, Exception reporting etc


JDT Ladder User Manual 101017.pdf

HME EasyVu Table Location

Enable servers and staff to accurately locate guests and provide services quicker .Precise table location technology is helping restaurants provide services and food delivery faster. With the fast-casual dining trend on the rise, restaurants are competing for speed and convenience. In healthcare, EasyVu provides operational benefits by enabling staff a reliable way to locate, track, and page visitors and family members throughout the facility.

EasyVu Guest Location System is one of the most cost-efficient and feature-rich guest trackers on the market. The ease-of-use, flexibility and unsurpassed location accuracy makes this an attractive option for businesses, hospitality and fast casual restaurants.

Guest & Visitor Locator - Identifies in real time exactly where a guest is located.

Customisable Map - Design your own layout to fit your location using our simple drawing tool built in the system.

Paging & Tracking - Use the same system for paging guests and tracking them!

Easy & Flexible Setup - No other guest location system is as easy to set up and flexible to use. The adhesive NFC location card can be installed & moved anywhere.

Data Log Capability - Data log capability for best business decisions based on performance analytics.

Highly Accurate - Unlike other guest location systems, EasyVu has unsurpassed location accuracy.

Manufacturers site - JTech

EasyVu Quick Start Guide.pdf

EasyVu_Manual .pdf

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