Cloud Drive Thru reporting - JDT Ladder

A Cloud Based Enterprise Ranking solution for Drive Thru Timers

JDT Ladder is a Drive thru reporting tool for QSR restaurants. We take near real time information from your Drive Thru timer and report it to a dashboard screen in the cloud

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HME EOS HD Drive Thru Audio System

Spectacular performance has been reported by customers using this new system. We now have a good number of these installed throughout in NZ in different configurations ie single lane or dual lane. Without exception the staff and customers love the sound 

EOSHD System

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Table Location

GENI FINDER SYSTEM is a NFC-based table location system that allows you to know exactly where your guests are seated. Once your guests order their food, simply hand them a guest tag pager. Geni Finder System will tell you which table they have selected.

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